Expected Outcomes - Impacts

The objective of the Work Program is to reverse translate clinical observations concerning treatment failure in difficult-to-treat cancers with low survival rates by integrating basic and clinical scientific excellence in Europe. These objectives are perfectly matched by OVERMyR and will allow us to understand basic mechanisms of drug resistance and thus identify novel compounds able to overcome or to revert resistance to the currently used drugs in Multiple Myeloma (MM).

At the end of the 3-year project, OVER-MyR partners expect the following results:


  • An extended understanding of mechanisms of relapse against actual drugs taking into account inter- and intra-patient molecular heterogeneity and extrinsic mechanisms.
  • The development of innovative models that closely mimic drug resistance in patients with MM.
  • The identification of 10 candidate gene products for extensive study of their role in drug resistance in MM cells.
  • The identification of 2-3 synthetic chemicals reverting MM Cells drug resistance as candidates for further preclinical and clinical testing.
  • The development of a clinical phase I/II protocol for one of the identified small molecules as proof-of-concepts for early translation into clinical phase I/II trials.
  • OVER-MyR will increase awareness of basic and applied science in this rare cancer and contribute to the competitiveness of the European industry
  • OVER-MyR will ultimately benefit MM patient survival and reduce mortality
  • OVER-MyR will integrate basic-clinical European Scientific Excellence

Overall, OVER-MyR will advance science in the field of MM, contribute to the development of novel therapeutic interventions, strengthen the competitiveness of European research, boost the European innovative capacity and reduce health care costs, ultimately benefiting patients and Society as a whole.

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