The objectives of OVER-MyR are:

1. To understand the mechanisms of drug resistance in Multiple Myeloma cells (MMCs) to 4 drugs in current use.

2. To elucidate the contribution of the tumor environment in conferring drug resistance in MMCs.

3. To identify novel compounds able to overcome or to revert resistance to drugs of current use.

To achieve these 3 objectives, OVER-MyR will need to overcome several obstacles:

-    The inter- and intra-patient MMCs heterogeneity with at least 7 distinguishable groups at diagnosis. Different resistance mechanisms could be involved.
-    The use of drug combinations targeting different pathways making it difficult to investigate mechanisms of relapse for single compounds.
-    The low number of harvestable tumor cells, a serious limitation for biological studies. In addition, primary MMCs from a vast majority of patients cannot be expanded in vitro.
-    The tumor environment promoting tumor survival, proliferation and eventually drug resistance is complex and may be heterogeneous in different as well as in a given patient, anticipating that the tumor niche in a location could differ to that one in another location, due to the nature of tumor dispersal.

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